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His worn leather jacket's too big for his frame,
And he's got a foul temper no doctor can tame.
You won't hear him say "pardon" or "thank-you" or "please,"
And don't call him short or he might bite your knees.
Hockey cards in his spokes make his small bike sound mean,
So you'll know when he's coming - make sure you're not seen!


"Though abnormally short for his age, "Spokes" makes up for his vertical impairment with an attitude and temper that would make Godzilla nervous. Files confiscated from the orphanage describe his fixation with motorcycles, brill cream and Doo-Wop music from the 1950's. He claims to have seen the movies Rebel Without A Cause and American Graffiti over 300 times apiece and, like the other "Spookies," his only contact with the outside world has come from television and films. When asked if he enjoyed the sitcom Happy Days, he responded "Arthur Fonzarelli wears a pink dress." Town officials hope he will be able to attend Pugwash Elementary without incident, but are scheduling anger management classes for the immediate future."

-Chauncy Grimes, The Pugwash Gazette

-Courtesy of  The Pugwash Gazette