Halloween Movies For Kids

Having a Halloween Movie Party?

Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers - This definately ain't kid's stuff! By why should the grownups have all the icky film fun? For every Friday The 13th, there's a Casper! Who wants to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street when they could be checking out The Nighmare Before Christmas? Below are some of The Spookies' favorite Halloween movies for kids. And Remember, when you push play on these scary movies - don't drop the popcorn!

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Charlie Brown gets rocks in his trick-or-treat bag and Linus awaits a visitation in the pumpkin patch from the Great Pumpkin in this 1966 classic. Suitable for children of all ages.
The story of a paranormalist who moves into a new house with his daughter and meets up with the ghost of a little boy. This new DVD features games, new scenes and is suitable for children ages 3+.
Dracula travels to 20th century America in hopes of retrieving a mystical amulet stolen from him 100 years earlier. This funny comedy from 1987 has become a clut classic and is suitable for children ages 6+.
Grinch Night is about a courageous kid who faces the Grinch and saves his whole town from his malicious Halloween tricks and terrors. Suitable for all ages. One of 5 Dr. Suess classics featured on this DVD.
Follow the adventures of this creepy, kooky, mysteriously spooky, altogerther ooky family in this 1991 live action remake of the old Charles Adam comic strip. Ages 6+.
This compilation from the '70s TV series finds the crime-solving fivesome nabbing many criminally minded adults masquerading as ghosts. Suitable for all ages.
Michael Keaton stars in this popular black comedy about a young couple whose premature death leads them to a series of wildly bizarre afterlife exploits. A true classic which gets a PG rating.
The endearing Big Red Dog is in the middle of it all with his usual humble Halloween heroics and bumbling mishaps. A four-episode collection. Suitable for all ages.
The rascally Rugrats in a series of daring and hilarious Halloween adventures which also include Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday themes. Suitable for all ages.
Nickelodeon's jolly sponge in 5 Halloween-related installments of his popular cable series. Suitable for all ages.
This popular children's animated series takes a Halloween twist. Dora's adventures are suitable for children of all ages.
Tim Burton's scary-funny sensibility dominates the story of Halloweentown resident Jack Skellington ,who stumbles on an alternative universe called ... Christmastown! Rated PG.
'Treehouse of Horror III' is guaranteed to offend. One of the best of The Simpsons' annual Halloween specials, this scares up some classic moments and is rated PG.
This best of A & C compilation features the hilarious Halloween favorite, "Hold That Ghost" and 7 other comedy classics. Suitable for all ages.
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This DVD teaches trick or treating safety rules as well as sharing and fun. Barney and friends will also show you how to make decorations and other Halloween treats. Suitable for all ages.

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