Halloween Music

Think that Christmas is the only holiday with its own carols? Think again! There are sing-a-longs, rap songs, rock songs and a big boneyard full of other creepy Halloween classics to enjoy. Below are some of The Spookies' favorite Halloween Songs. Who knew a ghost, ghoul or a goon could carry a tune? Pick your favorite creepy category and you'll know soon!

halloween rock and pop music
Halloween Music: Rock, Pop and Dance
Need to liven up your Petrifying Halloween party with some terrifying tunes? Cataclysmic classic oldies and morbid modern melodys await you in this collection of upbeat spooky CDs and deadly discs that any partygoer would die to get their hands on.

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Halloween Music: Soundtracks and Movie Themes
Are you looking for full soundtracks from Halloween movies or a collection of themes from all of your sickening cinematic favorites? Then look no further - find a great variety of fature length favorites and compiltions right here.

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Halloween Music: Spooky Sound Effects
Since you don't really have a werewolf in your front yard, or a boogie-man in your basement, then these sound effect collections can help create your evil illusion. Or do you? Rattling chains, creaky doors, wailing ghosts - they're all here.

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Halloween Music: Soundscapes and Insturmentals
If you're looking to create a spooky ambience at your Halloween party, or need some scary background music to greet your trick-or-treaters, then have a look at our dungeon full of morosely atmospheric music. Great for setting that terrible tone.

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Halloween Music: Kids Carols, Songs and Lyrics
If the ghouls and ghosts you're entertaining this year are a little too young for a big kid fright, then float on over this way for a great assortment of sing along and Halloween Carol CDs - and even lyrics to ditties your little ones can sing all on their own.

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