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They've been locked away for ages and their skin is cold and pale,
But they're back at school in Pugwash - folks are scared to get the mail.
They're only harmless children, I assure you with no doubt,
But the other kids steer clear of them when school is finally out.
They just want to fit in - but it won't happen overnight,
It's hard to be a kid when you give everyone a fright!
Six Children Found Living in Abandoned Orphanage!

"A team of construction workers recently went to demolish an old abandoned house underneath the Pugwash Bridge and discovered six strange looking children living inside. They've been looked after for the past few years by an enormous old woman who calls herself "The Matron" but have had no contact with the outside world. The Matron has proven herself to be the legal guardian, but the town council feels her educational methods are inferior to those of the Pugwash Elementary School. The youngsters will be starting classes in a few weeks and rumors as to the children's mysterious origins are racing through the town. This reporter has to wonder, who has more to fear? These spooky orphaned children, or the law-abiding citizens of Pugwash?"

-Chauncy Grimes, The Pugwash Gazette

-Courtesy of  The Pugwash Gazette

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